Ups and Downs


Highs and lows. Peaks and valleys. That’s where I’m at after this past week. Saturday’s Magnum Pro event saw me face off against my former tag partner, Moondog Scrap, and see just how far down the dark path he has traveled. After the match, a brawl broke out after he attacked me from behind. An incident occurred shortly after, where a referee was in my way and in the heat of the moment, I inadvertently shoved him to get at Scrap. However, the referee was much smaller than me, and went flying. Upper management in Magnum Pro didn’t like what they saw, and after intermission I was informed of my 30 day suspension.

To put it in perspective, I apologize to my fans, as anyone knows, sometimes your temper gets the best of you and you do things in the heat of the moment that you later regret. I never had any intentions of “assaulting an official” as management stated I did, but it happened. I’m not above the rules, so I have to pay the consequences by missing the next show on April 2nd. However, I can make a promise that someone will pay when I return in May… Moondog Scrap, I hope you’re reading.

Tuesday night I took out my frustration in Real Action Wrestling, lined up against a newcomer by the name of Hombre De Les Noches. (Spelling anyone? Sorry I don’t speak Spanish!) Hombre had a no idea what he got himself into and subsequently got the stuffing beat out of him. That helped ease my mind a bit…

Then I read a post on the internet, specifically one post, that irked me. It called what I do a “hobby”. Rest assured fans, foes and everyone in-between, I am not a hobbyist. When you don’t see me in the ring, I’m at the gym pumping iron, training in a ring, or sitting somewhere comfortably resting while studying from the greats from our business. The intensity I bring to the ring is not for the faint of heart, and if anyone that crosses my path wants to be a weekend warrior, I hope they’re prepared for the consequences of standing opposite to a professional wrestler.

Until next time home slices,

Scott “Legit” Prodigy